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A student choir

The Leuven University Choir (LUK) is the student choir of KU Leuven

The choir brings together over 100 singers for rehearsals, concerts, and much more.


The year of the choir

Each semester, the LUK prepares a concert. Additionally, the choir can be heard regularly during events organised by the university, such as the festive Opening of the Academic Year.

The LUK is not just a choir, but also a student association. Besides rehearsals, lots of other activities take place, such as an evening when the new and older members get to know each other, a “cantus”, rehearsal weekends, a choir trip in the summer, activities with the other university ensembles or a free podium.

Our conductor

The LUK is conducted by Kevin Hendrickx.

Kevin is orchestral and choral conductor and doctor of science. Our colleagues of the Arenberg Orchestra know him as a guest conductor, but Leuven isn’t the only university town that Kevin is familiar with. He teaches chemistry in Antwerp and in Ghent, he founded Continuo, the alumni and staff orchestra.

Kevin not only likes romantic choral works, but also contemporary experiment. He has to, because he studies composition at the Conservatory of Ghent.

Fifty years of history

The choir was founded by two students more than fifty years ago. Since then, over a thousand students have sung in the LUK and more than twenty directors have led the choir, first students, later professionals. This all contributes to the “forever young” image of the choir.

The LUK keeps former members informed with a newsletter. Are you a former member and do you not receive our newsletter yet? Send an email to pr@leuvensuniversitairkoor.be.


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Every year the choir elects a new board. The board consists of a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, a travel guide and an animation responsible.

They live together in the choir house at the Groot Begijnhof (Great Beguinage).

Elfie Van Rensbergen makes sure everything runs smoothly in the choir.

Caroline Vanhoof provides, among other things, scores, a rehearsal room and a fully equipped concert venue.

Matthias Cruypelinck (treasurer) manages the choir’s finances.

Travel guide
Karel Aerts is already preparing a summer choir trip.

Hanne Van Winckel is known to choir members for her fantastic activities and eternal enthusiasm.

The board is assisted by six coordinators:

Lucas Verleyen (merchandising)
Lidwin Dejans (LUKraak)
Sofie De Backer (public relations)
Liselotte Peeters (social media)
Lode Rosseel (website)
Hannes Verdonck (technology)

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At KU Leuven

What once began as a crazy idea of two students, had grown in to the choir of the KU Leuven. Today, the LUK provides music for the most important official events of the university, such as the Opening of the Academic Year and the Patron Saint’s Day.

The LUK is one of the university ensembles of the KU Leuven. The choir is structurally funded by the Culture Committee and the Culture Office at KU Leuven. Holders of a Culture Card receive a discount on our ticket prices.